Please read prior to use:

  • CAUTION, lights can get hot, so use care when handing.
  • Never use for extended periods stationary >5mins.
  • Do not use in High or Boost mode when travelling at low velocity <10km/h.
  • Keep cooling fins clean and free of mud and obstruction.
  • Allow lights to cool prior to storing.
  • Never leave lights unattended when on.
  • Keep lights and battery away heat sources, fire and combustible materials.
  • BEWARE, lithium ion batteries are VOLATILE and can explode or catch fire.
  • Remove the internal battery and disconnect the external battery when not in use.
  • Ensure batteries cannot short when note installed in the light.
  • Disconnect chargers from the mains when not in use.
  • Only use INDIGO parts and batteries.
  • Batteries can get warm whilst charging (40°C).
  • Never leave batteries unattended when charging.
  • Our batteries can be cycled approximately 300-400 times and/or 2-3 years before noticeable loss in capacity.
  • Ensure batteries are fully charged before storing in a cool dry environment.
  • VERY IMPORTANT, ensure batteries are inserted correctly and pole orientation is correct. Damage to battery and light may result if incorrectly installed. Batteries inserted incorrectly voids warranty.
  • Dispose of batteries appropriately.

Our lights are very bright:

  • Never look into light.
  • Please use and ride responsibly.
  • Racing heart/flash modes recommended for daytime riding.
  • High and boost modes must NEVER be used in urban areas.

General use

  • Do not immerse in water.
  • This light is for bicycle use only.
  • Runtimes and output data are approximate. Performance my vary depending on factors such as age, condition and external factors such as ambient temperature.



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