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Attach your smartphone to our dual mount or any garmin 1/4 turn compatible mount including those from barfly and k-edge.

The uni mount is produced by Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). This process is typically used for prototyping and low volume production.

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Why not put your smartphone where it's accessible without cluttering your bars? Use it in conjunction with a suitable protective case or put those old, unused smartphones lying around the house to good use.

The INDIGO uni mount adapts smartphones for use with Garmin 1/4 turn mounts with a low profile and self adhesive attachment.

Running apps like strava, wahoo or mapmyride turn you phone into fully featured bike computer with GPS.

  • Any smartphone with or without a protective and/or battery case that has a flat smooth rear surface including all iPhones and iPods in both portrait and landscape orientation. Doesn't work with rubber, silicon, textured and porous surfaces

  • INDIGO dual mount
  • Most Garmin 1/4 turn mounts including Barfly and K-Edge.

Loving the INDIGO5!!!

"We were lucky enough to give the new Indigo5 light a hard time at the BikeSA Dirty Weekend 24hr race and wow what an epic piece of kit!

Anyone who’s had a crack at some hard core after dark, dirty action will know how difficult it is to find a lighting solution that has the very wide spread of light needed to tackle tight switchbacks, without losing the strong and intense light needed for higher speed sections and picking your line through the rocks and roots that we love at Fox Creek. Between Jarrod and I the Indigo5 was on from sun down to sun up.

The 11km lap had everything, fast and flowing high speed runs to tight and technical sections with more than enough roots, ruts and rocks to trip you up, especially as the hours ticked by (and yes, I did get spat over the bars). With fatigue setting in and the concentration disappearing rapidly, it was at this point the Indigo5 truly came into its own.

Its the best handlebar light I have ever used, its bloody bright but more than that its not a harsh light! Where others I've used wash all the colour out of your field of view this puppy has what I can only call a warmer light that somehow allows you to keep the depth perception needed to hit the trails with confidence!
I’m hooked

P.s. For Sale: 2 shopping bags of Mountain Bike Lights, all sorts of shapes and sizes that are all clearly obsolete now."

"Arrived today, bloody hell its bright! Can't wait to try it out on the road."

"Received mine today, absolutely love it!
Well worth the wait."

"OMG this thing would make an brilliant Neuralyser. Now, where did I put my bike?"

"Holy sh**! That light is bright!"

"Loving the INDIGO5!!!"

"Received my 5 today and my initial impression is that you've created a beautiful and well constructed piece of hardware. Can't wait to install it on my bike and put it to the use test."

"Mine just arrived - it's a work of art! Nice and heavy. Hey, it lights up when I press a button - nice."

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