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Go faster. The new INDIGO 5.01 is still the brightest single LED bike light boasting 1850 lumen, Broad Beam technology, Racing Heart Mode, a High CRI Emitter, Cordless and Compact design. Now with increased output, new roadie and MTB programs, adaptive heat management, ultra secure mounts, mode memory, glove friendly power button plus many evolutionary tweaks.

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    Cool white light is bright and good for throw, but the eyes see best with sunlight. Colour Render Index (CRI) is a rating of light compared to ideal light. 5 has a high CRI rating which means better clarity for the human eye.
    A bright hotspot up the road might seem impressive, but it sure won’t help you see anything. Your eyes will tend to focus on the hotspot, dazzling yourself and any oncoming traffic. INDIGO5 illuminates your periphery and into the distance with 1850 lumen.
    INDIGO5 extracts maximum illumination from a powerful, compact and lightweight unit. Weighing 166grams (excluding battery), 122mm long and 46mm in diameter, it is the only integrated, single LED light on the market with an MT-G2 emitter. That’s 1850 lumen in a pocket sized unit.
    Cords are ugly and dangerous. 5 runs off an integrated 5000 mAH battery eliminating the need to manage messy wires.
    Feel like night traffic forgets you’re a real person? The pulse mode on the 5 resembles a heartbeat, reminding motorists you’re a living being and not an inanimate object. A steady beam is also simultaneously emitted, helping motorists better judge distance and ensures they don't miss spotting you between pulses.
    Actually we do. Manufactured from machined aircraft grade aluminum and finished with military spec anodising the 5 is weather proof, crash proof and serviceable with replaceable components including the battery. INDIGO5 is made to last.
    If you need extra runtime, 5 has options. The battery is removable so that spares can be taken on the ride or our booster (available separately) can be attached to quadruple runtimes.
    Recognising aluminum has high embodied energy, 5 is designed to last. When the time comes to move to a future indigo light, we have a product stewardship program to take back your 5 for recycling or refreshing with the latest technology.

>1850 lumen (MAX mode)




∅46 x 122mm


166g (excluding battery)


HI >1h
MED >3h
LOW >7h
DAY >6h
MAX 0.5h

IP rating


  • 5000mAh battery
  • FAST charger
  • MTB mount for 31.8 to 35mm handlebars
  • GoPro compatible mount

Loving the INDIGO5!!!

"We were lucky enough to give the new Indigo5 light a hard time at the BikeSA Dirty Weekend 24hr race and wow what an epic piece of kit!

Anyone who’s had a crack at some hard core after dark, dirty action will know how difficult it is to find a lighting solution that has the very wide spread of light needed to tackle tight switchbacks, without losing the strong and intense light needed for higher speed sections and picking your line through the rocks and roots that we love at Fox Creek. Between Jarrod and I the Indigo5 was on from sun down to sun up.

The 11km lap had everything, fast and flowing high speed runs to tight and technical sections with more than enough roots, ruts and rocks to trip you up, especially as the hours ticked by (and yes, I did get spat over the bars). With fatigue setting in and the concentration disappearing rapidly, it was at this point the Indigo5 truly came into its own.

Its the best handlebar light I have ever used, its bloody bright but more than that its not a harsh light! Where others I've used wash all the colour out of your field of view this puppy has what I can only call a warmer light that somehow allows you to keep the depth perception needed to hit the trails with confidence!
I’m hooked

P.s. For Sale: 2 shopping bags of Mountain Bike Lights, all sorts of shapes and sizes that are all clearly obsolete now."

"Arrived today, bloody hell its bright! Can't wait to try it out on the road."

"Received mine today, absolutely love it!
Well worth the wait."

"OMG this thing would make an brilliant Neuralyser. Now, where did I put my bike?"

"Holy sh**! That light is bright!"

"Loving the INDIGO5!!!"

"Received my 5 today and my initial impression is that you've created a beautiful and well constructed piece of hardware. Can't wait to install it on my bike and put it to the use test."

"Mine just arrived - it's a work of art! Nice and heavy. Hey, it lights up when I press a button - nice."

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